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Our Director, Mr. Sai Thanarat, is Southeast Asia's most-experienced admissions consultant. He has written a number of books to give students the best advice for their university applications - customized especially for Thai students.

The Ultimate Guide to World Class Undergraduate Programs

Learn the top tips for undergraduate admissions from Asia's top admissions advisor, Mr. Sai Thanarat, who has helped hundreds of students gain admission to the very best universities in the US and UK. 

In this book, you'll learn first of all about the main differences between studying in the US versus the UK. You'll then find out about the factors that top universities consider when evaluating candidates. You'll see not only what kind of grades and test scores you'll need, but also the kinds of extracurricular activities and personal projects that will make you stand out from the crowd. Finally, the book covers how to approach your recommenders and how to prepare for your interview. Drawing on 20 years' experience, this is the go-to resource for Thai students who want to study abroad.

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U Top 10

This book gives you an overview of what you need to get into the world's best undergraduate and graduate programs. You'll learn about what tests you need to take, when you should start to prepare, and what kind of score you need to reach. You'll learn how to choose the list of schools that you'll apply to. And you'll find out how to approach the most common questions asked on admissions essays, including questions about your personal background, goals and interests.

The book also includes interviews with alumni of a range of universities, including Stanford, Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania, giving you inside information about how Thai students have liked studying at various top universities.

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