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Boarding School

We have worked with middle school students to help prepare their applications for top US boarding schools such as Hotchkiss School, Groton, Choate, The Hill School, and more. Studying at these elite high schools not only exposes students to an eye-opening curriculum, inspiring teachers, and student body composed of young adults from around the world. It also gives them a strong foundation for applications to top US universities.

We provide our students support as they prepare their applications essays and study for the SSAT admissions test. Schedule an appointment to learn how we can help your child achieve admission to a top US Boarding school!

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We help you earn top scores on the SAT, ACT, SAT II and AP exams.



Top boarding schools in the US use the SSAT Test to evaluate if your child is ready to study the school's curriculum. Similar to the SAT test that students take near the end of high school, the SSAT measures skill in math, vocabulary, verbal reasoning, reading and writing.

Our expert tutors can help your child earn the score they need to get their first experience studying abroad.


We help you understand the unique aspects of your child's application so that you can highlight them to the admissions committee of top prep schools abroad.

We also help your child explore their interests in the time before their applications so that they can demonstrate clear areas of strength that they can contribute to the student body of their target schools.



We work with students throughout the process of planning, drafting and revising their application essays. Nearly every school requires the 650-word Common Application Essay, but most top universities also require students to complete additional supplemental essays about their achievements, goals, passions and interests, and reasons for wanting to study

at the university.


A student applying to 10 top schools may have up to 20 different essays to prepare,

each between 200-500 words.

Following our tried-and-tested approach, we guide students as they develop their core stories – the stories that tell about the most pivotal moments in their lives – and adapt them to the many different questions on the various university applications.



Even prep schools have interviews with students who have applied. Your child will need to show poise, social skills and thinking skills to convince the interviewer that they are ready for the challenging prep school curriculum.

With our interview training, we help students prepare for the kinds of questions they will be asked so they can earn the interviewer’s highest endorsement.

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