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Getting into top American universities has never been more difficult, as record numbers of students from across Asia apply every year. Top grades and test scores are no longer enough to guarantee getting in. American universities look for applicants with clear passions, skills and strengths beyond their studies, and we’re here to help you build them.

We firmly believe that it is vital for students to be matched with schools and universities that are the best fit academically and environmentally. Through working closely with students over the course of several years, AO counselors get to know their students very well and can recommend the most suitable schools and help them effectively demonstrate their unique characteristics and abilities. The Admissions-Office strictly adheres to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SGPG) Best Practices of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).

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We help you identify unique personal projects and leadership opportunities.


Good grades and test scores are necessary to get into the top American universities, but they aren’t enough by themselves. In fact, top schools reject many students every year who have a perfect 1600 on the SAT. For the Class of 2022, Princeton accepted only 8% of applicants with SAT scores between 1500-1600.

At the same time, top universities accept many students with somewhat lower test scores. American universities consider the applicant as a whole person, including their special skills and talents. American admissions officers want their university to have a vibrant intellectual and social life, with students who have a wide range of interests and talents. They want students who can lead and work together with others on projects, and who have the initiative to create and develop new ideas.

Throughout our prolonged counseling process, we encourage our students to develop and engage in unique activities to expand their understanding of their proposed undergraduate major. They undertake long-term projects involving extensive research and organization, resulting in genuine personal growth and the establishment of a deep reserve of knowledge and a respect for their chosen discipline.

Finance and


Our students have participated in internships with top Thai banks, including Phatra Investments. We have worked with students who have published original economics research.



We support students in preparing for the Advanced Placement (AP) Exams, which are offered in May every year. These exams are recognized as meeting the same standards as introductory university courses. Success on AP exams can boost a student's application, as they show that they are ready for university-level academic work.

Many American universities, even some top schools like Harvard and Columbia, also accept AP credit in place of university-level courses. This can give you more opportunities to explore other courses you find interesting, or you could even complete your degree in fewer than the standard four years.

Contact us to learn more about our one-on-one AP coaching.



Many admissions officers consider test scores just as important as grades in high school, as they put everyone on an equal playing field. As more and more students from around the world seek admission to top universities, average SAT and ACT scores climb higher and higher every year.

Harvard’s average SAT score is 1520 while Yale’s is 1505 and Princeton’s is 1500. But what these numbers don’t tell you is that admissions are much more competitive for international students, many of whom apply with scores above 1550.

We make sure that you stay on track to succeed on your SAT, following a customized skill development plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Get in touch to learn more about our one-on-one SAT and ACT coaching.

Test Prep


We work with students throughout the process of planning, drafting and revising their application essays. Nearly every school requires the 650-word Common Application Essay, but most top universities also require additional essays about their achievements, goals, passions, and reasons for wanting to study at the university.


A student applying to 10 top schools may have up to 20 different essays to prepare, each between 200-500 words.

Following our tried-and-tested approach, we guide students as they develop their core stories – the stories that tell about the most pivotal moments in their lives – and adapt them to the questions on the different university applications.



Many top universities encourage applicants to meet one-on-one with an alumnus of their school. This lets the student learn about the school, and also helps the school learn more about the student. These interview reports are submitted to the admissions committee along with the student’s application.

Universities often say that the interview is ‘no big deal,’ but the alumnus still usually has to tell whether they find the applicant to be ‘excellent,’ ‘very good,’ or just ‘average’ when submitting their report. With our interview training, we help students prepare for the kinds of questions they will be asked so they can present their accomplishments with confidence and earn the interviewer’s highest endorsement.

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