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AO Mentors

Among the best and brightest, AO Mentors are happy to share their amazing stories to inspire you on your path towards success.

UC Berkley



      Mod is pursuing the Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology (M.E.T.) program at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Computer Science and Business. At ISB, Mod founded and led several organizations focussing on tech innovation and service through tech. Mod’s interest in the intersection of tech and business naturally led him to the startup ecosystem, where interned at a startup accelerator and an educational-technology startup, further inspiring him to now co-found his own.




Harvard University

        Todd is currently studying Applied Mathematics and Economics at Harvard, where he heads the largest finance organization as CIO and also leads the oldest student-run public equity fund. Outside of school, Todd has experience in private equity having worked at Stagwell Group in Washington D.C. and Lakeshore Capital in Bangkok. Next summer, he will be working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Investment Banking.




Stanford University

        Schwinn enjoys spending his time-solving problems using computer science and statistics. He ranked fifth in Thailand's qualifier for the International Olympiad in Informatics and co-developed a new programming education platform for the Ministry of Education. During his gap year, Schwinn is working as a full-time data scientist at one of Thailand's top data analytics and AI consulting companies. He enjoys playing jazz piano and singing opera arias in his free time.




        Prin is currently pursuing computer science and neuroscience on the mind, brain and behavior track at Harvard. In high school, her interest in the intersection of technology and health care led her to develop Parkinson’s Pen Pal, a rehabilitation app for Parkinson’s disease patients based on research by Ramathibodi Hospital.






       Pat's area of expertise is robotics. He has built a drone from scratch, authored a scientific paper proposing a control system for robotic exoskeletons and created a mechanized walker that that was selected to represent Thailand's National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) at the prestogious i-CREATe 2019 Conference.



Nae Nae

       A recipient of the 2019 EARCOS Global Citizenship Award, Nae Nae is a self-motivated and impact-driven scholar. At ISB, she led numerous service initiatives,

co-founded the Inter-School Technology Conference, was a TEDx Speaker and representative at international MUN conferences. She has published a chemistry paper on ISJOS and was a Research Assistant at the Department of Economics of Chulalongkorn.

       Before entering U.Penn, Nae Nae joined an EdTech and Social Impact Startup accelerator, fully immersing herself in the fast-paced world of venture capital.





         Titan specializes in data science, machine learning, and deep learning and their application on real world data. Titan has done research on bioinformatics and human-computer interaction and with this work qualified as a finalist at the Regeneron 2020 International Science and Engineering Fair and was invited to publish his findings

on IEEE Xplore's library.



Stanford University

        Peak is majoring in Mathematical &Computational Science and minoring in History at Stanford. He was the 2018 Bronze Medalist in the International History Olympiad and won the Cambridge University Fitzwilliam Humanities Research Competition. Peak captained the ICS Men’s Varsity Soccer Team and enjoys poker among many other activities  

        Peak strongly believes that it is possible to excel academically and intellectually while doing things that teenagers enjoy! He feels that having fun during high school with friends is as important as succeeding in college admissions.





       Max is pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Economics-Statistics at Columbia. Passionate about the intersection of computer science, mathematics, and finance, he intends to apply his formidable skills to solve real-world issues. Max has authored and published a paper in finance and has interned at KBTG where he developed machine learning models. He was a Finalist in Thailand’s Mathematics Olympiad Team and is the First-Ranked recipient of the prestigious King’s Scholarship.



Princeton University

        Bomb is passionate about healthcare and enjoys improving medical processes through engineering. For his research on water treatment optimization through nanoparticle purification, he was invited to present at an international academic conference at Oxford University and was a global finalist of the prestigious Google Science Fair.

He enjoys playing the piano, saxophone, as well as the kalimba. Inspired by his internship at a major financial institution, Bomb is studying computer science, statistics, and finance at Princeton University.



Stanford University

        Nash is currently studying computer science

at Stanford University, focusing on artificial intelligence, object-oriented programming, and algorithm design and analysis. While interning at a major global tech company, he developed his own search engine prototypes as well as explored applications of high-performance computing (specifically in c++).




Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University


        Matrix is passionate about creating new technologies to support better health, which is why he is studying in a combined M.D. + M.Eng program at Ramathibodi Hospital and Mahidol University.

        This interest arose as his little sister’s brain cancer inspired him to conduct research on human cell cultures at the Chulalongkorn MRC Nanomedical Research Lab. Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice, a documentary about his sister’s fight against cancer, was awarded

“Best International Documentary” at the Canadian International Documentary Festival.


        He has conducted independent research on developing an ergonomic face shield to prevent Covid-19 transmission, haptic glasses to help the blind safely navigate the environment, and a method to check the ripeness of premium organic durians grown on his family’s farm.


Princeton University


        As a student at Shrewsbury in Bangkok, Por placed in the top-Five of the Thailand Economic Olympiad and represented his country at the International Econmic Olympiad, where he was the highest scoring Bronze medalist from Thailand. At Princeton University, Por is exploring both social science and science based subjects.

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