Our counseling programs are designed to begin for students as young as eight years old and to grow with them as they progress through their academic career. In today’s competitive academic atmosphere, students should be given every opportunity to excel and AO can provide these opportunities and help guide students and their families towards making the academic decisions which will change their lives, whether they are children in elementary school or candidates for post-graduate studies.

As we are a selective consulting program, interested candidates are asked to make an appointment to come in for the required Initial Assessment & Strategy Planning Session. The formal evaluation process will review your documents and include a brief interview assessment to determine your current status and identify areas for improvement. We will also plan a general positioning strategy for your application and discuss other elements such as potential recommenders, and develop a preliminary risk-distributed school list.

What you will get:
  • Formal evaluation of your entire application profile, using Ivy League standards
  • Resume Analysis and Review
  • SWOT Analysis: Identification of your key strengths, weaknesses, issues of concern
  • Strategies to Strengthen Profile
  • Standardized Test Selection & Timing Strategies
  • Planning for Early Decision / Early Action, 1st Rounds
  • Recommender Selection
  • Timeline for everything between NOW and Application DEADLINE
  • Customized School List with Risk Distribution and Estimation of Chances

What you need to bring:
  • Transcript, grade reports, teacher comments
  • Updated Resume: highlighting quantifiable achievements & leadership roles
  • List of Activities: Community Service, Art, Music, Sports, etc.
  • Standardized Test Scores (real and diagnostic): TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE
  • A short Writing Sample, preferably in first person
  • The Initial Assessment and Planning Session is required of all candidates who would like to be considered for our selective Admissions Consultation program.

Please call us at +662.279.9999 to reserve an appointment time, approximately one week in advance.


The strongest results in the industry, guaranteed.



Our philosophy at Admissions-Office is simple: we seek to light the fires of inspiration within each of our students to help them achieve their highest potential in whatever field they study. We do this by giving them the time and personalized attention they need to truly succeed. Structured after the ancient Socratic school of Athens, we give students the time and attention they need to successfully navigate the maze that is the university admissions process, as well as provide guidance as students encounter academic challenges at every level from Kindergarten to Post-Graduate studies and Graduate applications.

Admissions-Office is not a replacement for a student’s high school counselors, but we complement their efforts and develop academic and social enrichment programs to produce the strongest students possible. According to the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, the average time spent on university admissions by high school counselors is just 38 minutes per student, which is not enough to give you peace of mind or security for the university admissions process. This is where the Admissions-Office counselors come in. We meet with our students on average 1.5 hours a week throughout the entire application process to supplement what students are doing at school and with their counselors. We are also usually available by phone or email throughout the year, as opposed to only the school year. This allows you to take advantage of the very important summer break for conducting service activities and working on outside projects.

Throughout our prolonged counseling process, we encourage our students to develop and engage in unique activities to expand their understanding of their proposed undergraduate major. This can include activities such as:

  • Applying for and participating in internships at top financial institutions
  • Starting businesses to explore the functions of the business world and the associated economic principles
  • Conducting in-depth ethnographic surveys of remote tribes to study to principles of anthropology
  • Building quad-rotor systems to carry a camera payload for building-site surveys

These are just several examples of activities our students have engaged in. Each of these was a long-term project involving many different steps, long-term research, and resulted in genuine personal growth and the establishment of a deep reserve of knowledge and a respect for the discipline the students desired to explore further. Each of these students is either attending or has graduated from an Ivy League university in the United States.

After these activities have been performed, the students then wrote their university admissions essays. AO's guiding principle is to identify the best institutional match for our advisees.  We firmly believe that it is vital for students to be matched with schools and universities that are the best fit academically and environmentally.  Through working closely with students over the course of several years, AO counselors get to know their students very well and are able to recommend the most suitable schools and able to help the students effectively demonstrate their unique characteristics and abilities.  The Admissions-Office strictly adheres to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SGPG) Best Practices of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).

So, call us today and come in and meet to find out what we are really about. It is our passion to help your students be everything that can be, and we know that with over fifteen years of experience, we are exactly what is needed to help you achieve that Ivy League standing.

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