Guidance Counseling

Guidance Counseling (EN)

The application process to a top college or university can be complex, confusing and intimidating for applicants and their families.  A once-in-a-lifetime process that can impact the rest of your life should never be left up to chance or in the hands of well-meaning people who do not have the expertise or time commitment to support you.

AO’s Admissions Consultation process is the most comprehensive and supportive in the world.  The 1-Year Program begins as early as April of the year that you are seeking to applying, giving a 6-month head start to the earliest application deadlines, and goes through to April of the following year when admission results are announced.  We are the ONLY Counselors who meet with applicants face-to-face at our office on a biweekly basis throughout the entire process.

Key aspects of AO’s unique Signature Counseling Program include:

  • Each Applicant is matched with at least two counselors (A Strategist and a Specialist in your field of interest), meeting bi-weekly at our offices throughout the entire year
  • Access to the most highly qualified counselors in Asia with over 50 years of combined successful experience that have counseled thousands of students admitted to top-ten Universities globally
  • Prompt, personal and face-to-face interaction and assistance with every step of your admissions process
  • Bi-weekly meetings with an admissions expert with the knowledge and experience to make the difference in your application process


Working closely with applicants and giving them as much time as they need is essential to achieving the best results in all the steps of our application process:

  • Self-Discovery, Profile Building and Identification of Key Strengths
  • Strategic Positioning of the applicant
  • Analysis and discussion of Essay Questions
  • Brainstorming and reflecting on personal experiences for responses
  • AO’s Three-Stage Essay Review Process, and Comments


Additionally, AO Counselors help their students with:

  • Selecting the optimal Recommenders
  • Preparing for interviews with the most intensive interview program available globally
  • Checking forms and ensuring applications are complete
  • Providing guidance about other areas of the admissions process

All Admissions-Office students are all expected to write all essays entirely on their own.


Program Options

AO Signature Program

Our world-class program remains the unparalleled industry gold standard, providing the most comprehensive and customized counseling service available anywhere.  Applicants gain unlimited face-to-face access to two dedicated expert Counselors throughout the 1-year Program.  

Through our Signature Program, AO Counselors have not only transformed lives of thousands of our students, but also the entire landscape of international admissions to top schools and universities over the past two decades.  


AO Lite Program

Based on the best practices and proven strategies of our Signature Program, the AO Lite Program is a more economical package that can be customized to individual needs.  The AO Lite Program is still significantly more personalized and has produced better results than other programs available.


AO Scholarship

Each year, AO offers different levels of Scholarships for various services and programs to exceptionally strong or unique candidates.  The Scholarship applicants will be evaluated and awarded by AO’s Board of Directors.